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Developing Furnace-Type Lumber Kiln Drying Capability In Dapitan City



Pierce Furniture



Polo, Dapitan City



Anne Marie C. Acaylar









P 1,455,680.00
Amount Requested: P 410,000.00
Proponent’s Equity: P 1,045,680.00


Pierce Furniture is engaged in the manufacture of Mediterranean and Oriental-designed furniture and various home furnishings. The firm has enjoyed bulk orders from its customers for some six (06) years now due to its quality produced. Presently however, because of the growing demand, long period of air drying of wood for furniture processing hinders the firm to produce and deliver the needed products/ services on time. Moreover, there are instances that the firm experiences back jobs due to cracks/damages in furniture units resulting from raw materials that were not efficiently dried.

Considering the foregoing, the project proposes to expand existing furniture manufacturing through acquisition of one (01) unit table saw and construction and installation of a 5000 bd. ft. furnace-type lumber kiln dryer (FTLD) facility to cater the kiln dried lumber needs of the company and other processors of Zamboanga del Norte areas. With this intervention, the company expects to improve quality of materials for finished products, reduce drying time, improve acceptability of products in both local and foreign markets, provide kiln dried lumber and kiln drying services to other local furniture and improve sales and generate employment.


  • Process Improvement through provision of FPRDI-technology on FTLD and additional table saw unit
  • Manpower Development (Training on Operation & Management of the FTLD)
  • Product Development/ Product line expansion


  • Enhanced the quality of raw material for finished furniture products thereby reducing rejects and back jobs on repairing cracks by about 80%. 
  • Improved product quality as a result of utilization of kiln-dried lumber 
  • Increased income through an estimated 30% improvement in productivity 
  • New markets penetrated resulting from improved product quality
  • Generated more employment opportunities for the people in the community
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