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Difficulties in education during the pandemic received emphasis during day 2 of the Mindanao Regional Scientific Meeting (MRSM) – an annual event that provides an open space for technological conversation aimed at pooling the experiences and insights of various scientists, researches, and people from various sectors about pressing S&T related issues in Mindanao.

During the event, Assistant Professor, Mr. Perfecto B. Cimafranca III from the College of Teacher Education in Western Mindanao State University (WMSU), tackled learning challenges, and proposed ways to alleviate the damage of the pandemic to both students and teachers.

According to the educator, stress – in varied manifestations – is a significant factor affecting all involved parties. Teachers, on top of existing personal and work-related issues, are suffering the negative perception that educators benefit from the effects of the pandemic. Students are forced to develop competencies by answering modules and attending online lectures, resulting in the undermining of numerous educational aspects. Parents are affected as well, as most are not trained in the delivery of education, and are without alternative, teach their children themselves, all whilst juggling work and other household responsibilities.   

Cimafranca said, that mechanisms must be put in place for schools to conduct their own needs assessment, as each school community has its own set of needs. He added that teacher’s reports have to be reassessed, and redundant documents have to be reconciled to lessen clerical work. Consequently, greater focus can be given to teaching their learners, and steps to provide trainings to empower and equip parents for home learning may be taken.

For more information on Mindanao Regional Scientific Meeting, please call (062) 955-3654 or text 0995 1548 865 and look for Marielle Atilano, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our Facebook page at (MRAtilano, DOST IX Press Release). 

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