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February 16, 2017 marked the Inauguration of the Zamboanga Peninsula Food Innovation Center (ZPFIC), and the Launching of the Innovation Center for Metals and Engineering - both supported by the Department of Science and Technology.

ZPFIC Inauguration

Located at the Zamboanga State College of Marine Sciences and Technology (ZSCMST), the DOST funded project amounting to a total of 7,534,900PhP
(DOST PCIEERD thru DOST-ITDI: 4,215,512.50PhP; DOST IX – 3,319,387.50PhP)
houses equipment and other food processing facilities developed by the S&T agency.

At present, the ZPFIC holds a Water Retort, a Freeze Dryer, a Vacuum Fryer, a Spray Dryer, a Vacuum Packaging Machine, an Immersion Freezer, and a Vacuum Evaporator - all of which are classified as High Impact Technology Solutions or HITS equipment.


Equipment developed by the DOST at the ZPFIC

The Zamboanga Peninsula Food Innovation Center’s primary focus will be the development and processing of new food products, and open the avenue to the creation of cheaper, healthier, and market-competitive alternatives to products like pizza, fries and potato chips.



DOST Undersecretary for Regional Operations Brenda L. Nazareth-Manzano highlights the potential applications of the ZPFIC in a press conference


The center’s functions will also include product innovation and diversification to maximize the value-adding of agricultural and fishery resources, the upgrading of manufacturing operations and processing systems, the standardization of local processing technologies, package designing for regional products, technology commercialization, and the strengthening of research, development, and extension services.


The Innovation Center for Metals and Engineering

The launching of the Western Mindanao State University (WMSU) College of Engineering and Technology (CET) innovation center envisions the strengthening of the CETs linkage to the university’s colleges, and the establishment of connections with other learning institutions and industry sectors in the region through a common research and development facility.



Officials of the City Government and DOST during a tour of the Innovation Center for Metals and Engineering


The project, amounting to 11,544,082.31PhP (with total funds released by DOST-IX as of Oct. 2016 amounting to 7,620,332.31PhP), funded through the DOST Grants-in-Aid program, aims to assist WMSU in upgrading the CETs existing laboratory facilities, develop R&D activities to support the region’s industry needs, and improve the said college’s educational capabilities.

The launch also showcased the various innovations and inventions the university's best and brightest had to offer - one in particular, was a solar-powered vaccine carrier.

Through the innovation center, the agency hopes that more will be inspired to come up with groundbreaking ideas, and create solutions that will better serve the Filipino people.


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