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In an effort to create local pool  of  talents with skills required by the Information and Communications Technology – Business Process Outsourcing (ICT-BPO),  particularly the mobile application and game development industry,  the Department of Science and Technology - Information and Communications Technology Office (DOST-ICTO) through the Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP), in collaboration with the Zamboanga ICT Council (ZICT), will  conduct the  1st Training Course on Mobile Application and Game Development on June 17 to July 12, 2013 at Grand Astoria Hotel, Zamboanga City.

A total of 30 IT graduates / professionals in Zamboanga City were selected to participate in the one (1) month training (free-of-charge), which will be handled by the Job and Esther (J & E) Technologies in Manila, a member of GDAP and Philippine Software Industry Associations (PSIA).   The participants were selected based on the assessment examination and interview conducted by J & E Technologies held last March 22 and April 2, 2013 at STI-Zamboanga City.  The tests were conducted to assess the current capabilities of the examinees, including their strengths, weaknesses and potential.

The training course involves object oriented programming (OOP) and mobile application development for Android devices.  Ms. Maureen F. Bello, ZICT Secretary and Project Leader conducted a brief Orientation about the training held last April 26at the DOST IX Conference Room.

GDAP President, Mr. Alvin Juban said that the mobile application and game development industry in the Philippines is ripe with projects and needs support teams   for rapidly scaling projects and multiple small to medium scale projects.  Mr. Juban emphasized that the academic organizations, especially in the countryside, as represented by local ICT Councils are talent laden, but need to bridge and align their capabilities with new technologies as required by the industry.   Moreover, majority of the students cannot afford specialized trainings and only a few students are able to get industry-based skills training from universities. The majority of the students are left behind because teachers themselves lack the required skills or experiences.

During the ICT Roadshow sponsored by the DOST-ICTO on September 25, 2012 in Zamboanga City, it was evident that the city has produced a good number of ICT graduates, but most have already moved to bigger cities to get employment since there were very limited job opportunities available locally.

According to ZICT President, Mr. Louell Saavedra, the training aims to create the initial group of talents in Zamboanga City who can immediately engage in mobile application and gaming development projects with GDAP; build a competent pool of IT teachers / professionals who can prepare and equip students on the demands of the mobile application industry; build the ICT industry in Zamboanga City; and employ graduates locally.

Moreover, the ZICT, with the support of the Department of Science and Technology Regional Office No. IX (DOST-IX), will soon establish a Technology Business Incubator (TBI) for ICT Industry in Zamboanga City.   The business incubator is designed to provide a facility where entrepreneurial ideas, particularly in the field of ICT are nurtured and hatched.    Specifically, the project aims to harness the expertise of local ICT graduates to help start up their own companies; create sustainable entrepreneurship development especially in the area of ICT;  nurture  local innovative ideas to commercially viable business prepositions; and encourage commercialization of research and development outputs into commercial ventures.  The project will also be supported by the members of the Regional Information Technology Commerce Committee (RITECC IX) of the Regional Development Council (RDC-IX) and Zamboanga Chamber of Commerce and Industry Foundation Inc.(ZCCIFI)(DOST IX PRESS RELEASE)






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