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Dipolog City - Some 35 participants composed of members of local council of women (LCW), micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), housewives and prospective entrepreneurs attended the Technology Training on Food Processing held on July 6 at Bamboo Garden Social Hall, Dipolog City. The activity is one of the highlights of the week-long celebration of 2011 Regional Science and Technology Week held on July 4 to 9 in the city.

The theme “Nasa Siyensiya ang Pag-asa” underscores the importance of science and technology (S&T) in the economic development of the country.  Cognizant of this, the Department conducts technology trainings on various appropriate technologies.

Specifically, the one-day  technology training is aimed at providing the participants with scientific knowledge and techniques on processing four  food technologies / products such as  Soy Milk;  Taho; Sugar Coated Peanuts; and Greaseless Peanuts.


Soy Milk is a ready to drink beverage produced by extracting soybean milk from soybeans, wherein water and refined sugar are added until the total soluble solids (TSS) is 13o Brix, placed in hermetically sealed container and processed.

Taho is produced from extracting soymilk from soybeans, coagulating it with calcium sulfate (CaSO4), or gelatin, placed in a mold.  It is softer than tokwa and ready to eat with syrup and sago.  It is rich in protein and minerals like calcium, phosphorous and protein.

Sugar-coated and greaseless peanuts are widely known appetizers in the country.

Aside from the technologies, a lecture on Basic Sanitation and Hygiene for Food Handlers was also discussed.  Attendance to the seminar on basic sanitation and hygiene is a pre-requisite in applying certification or license from Food and Drugs Administration of Department of Health (FDA-DOH).

Engr. Mahmud L. Kingking, Assistant Regional Director for Field Operation Service of DOST IX, emphasized the importance of acquiring technology trainings.  He cited various MSMEs in the region who had been recipients of DOST technical assistance. He said DOST is ready to support local entrepreneurs who are interested to adopt these technologies.

“DOST-IX is willing to provide technical assistance and equipment support to upgrade existing production facilities of MSMEs for them to meet the industry standards and  the increasing market demands,” he said.

The DOST-IX food processing experts, Ms. Sonora L. Bunag and Ms. Jovita A. Amparo served as the resource speakers / trainers.   Participants who are interested to go into business may request for a follow-thru hands-on training.  (Thelma E. Diego, DOST-IX)

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