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The Department of Science and Technology Regional Office No. IX (DOST IX), one of the premier advocates of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Zamboanga Peninsula region, is challenged to continuously improve service levels and meet ever-greater business demands while holding the line on costs.  

Cognizant of the greater benefits and impacts on the proper and maximum use of IT, the DOST IX strongly pursued the development and maintenance of information systems and databases to efficiently carry out key business processes.   The information systems manage the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities of the management and staff.   The ICT environment increases the productivity, reliability, accuracy, and competitiveness of DOST IX in providing quality services to its customers.   Also, it introduces the employees on the new IT trends and technologies, thus making DOST-9 employees at par or advanced with its counterpart specifically on the use and advancement of ICT in the public sector.


The DOST IX has successfully implemented the following information systems developed in-house: 

1)    Document Tracking System (DTS) – an online information system that provides access to each personnel of in-coming and out-going documents (letters, memos, etc).  The system can quickly track any communication received / sent to / from any customers.  The responsible employees provide updates on the action done or remarks to the specific document received.  The DTS is very helpful especially when the regional director or officer-in-charge are on official travel, hence,  monitoring the status of requests or inquiries received by the DOST IX is properly handled and easily acted upon;

2)    Procurement Database System (PDS) - a comprehensive purchasing system that is accessible thru the local network of DOST IX (Intranet).  The system involves all processes on procurement starting from the preparation of purchase requests, bid quotations, abstract of bids, purchase orders, inspection and acceptance reports, obligation requests, and disbursement vouchers. The system provides quick search, reports generation and historical trend in the purchasing section.    With the volume of documentary requirements in the government procurement system, the DOST IX PDS is very helpful in streamlining the procurement processes;


3)    Scholarship Information and Database System (SIDS) – the system provides updated information and status of on-going and previous scholars under the DOST-SEI undergraduate scholarship program.  Thru the system, financial benefits (monthly stipends, tuitions, etc) granted to each scholar can be easily monitored;

4)    Project Information Sheet Management System (PISMS) – the system manages the general information and project details and status of new and existing project beneficiaries under the DOST’s Small Enterprises Technology Upgrading Program (SET-UP) and Grants-In-Aid (GIA).   The system is capable of tracking the status of repayment of each SET-UP beneficiary on a specific period; and

5)    DOST IX File-Server - this serves as the repository of DOST IX files.  The server is accessible thru the DOST IX Intranet and configured to provide online security access to DOST IX employees or legitimate users regardless of  access locations which may be the DOST provincial centers in Zamboanga del Sur and Zamboanga del Norte or anywhere 24/7.  The practice seemed very simple however it provides greater benefits and advantages to the DOST IX employees especially on meeting deadlines on submission of reports while on-travel.

The DOST IX believes that the ICT initiatives have been helping the department in attaining its ISO targets on functional objectives and customer satisfaction. The agency targeted to attain at least 95 % very satisfactory customer rating. In 2009, this target was surpassed as the excellent and very satisfactory rating combined was 99.85 %. (DOST-9 PRESS RELEASE)

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