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The DOST-IX, together with the consultants from Quality Partners Company, Ltd., successfully conducted the 3 Phases for Year 2: Cycle 2 of the knowledge transfer activities for the selected 20 DOST Technical Staff (DTS) from the 16 DOST Regional Offices in the country. The three (3) training phases carried out within the period June to October 2022 are part of the activities under the DOST PCIEERD-funded project "Knowledge Transfer (KT) to DTS: Catalysts to MSMEs’ Gaining PQA for SMEs.

"SURVEY" as the initial phase of the culture-based roadmap and framework, "S-U-G-O-D," focuses on the survey of the company quality practices and climate and the introduction of Workplace Cooperation (WPC).

"UNITE", introduced as the second phase, focuses on strategic planning for quality, sharing of vision, and mission, policy, and goal towards total quality.

The third phase, "GROW" aims to grow the skills and capabilities for better enhancement of total competence and improvement of total performance through increased commitment to quality and workplace cooperation focused on continually improving work relationships.

The completion of the aforementioned three (3) phases contributes 36% to the 45% cumulative accomplishment, to date, of the objective of enhancing the competencies and effectiveness of the 20 DTS in the promotion and application of Total Quality Management (TQM) practices as Consultant-Trainer Coach to selected MSMEs in their respective regions. The successful transfer of knowledge for SURVEY, UNITE, and GROW phases signifies that the program is almost reaching its second milestone, with only one more knowledge transfer activity left to complete the second cycle.

For more information, please contact DOST-IX at (062) 947-3894 or 991-1024. And to be updated on the latest happenings, please follow our Facebook page at (John Ken Y. Esmas, DOST-IX Press Release).

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