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DOST Sec. Fortunato De la Peña with the DOST officials and DOST Scholars

Zamboanga Peninsula has gained a fresh shot in the arm.

Graduating with honors for school year 2021-2022, twenty-one (21) scholars of the Department of Science and Technology – Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) are off to boost the science, technology and innovation community as they were honored during the Fellowship dinner with S&T secretary, Hon. Fortunato T. de la Peña held last 16 June in Marcian Garden Hotel, Zamboanga City.

3 summa cum laude, 7 magna cum laude, 11 cum laude were awarded with the Medal of Academic Excellence in Science and Technology. These fresh STEM graduates hail from Western Mindanao State University (WMSU) and Ateneo de Zamboanga University (ADZU) in Zamboanga City.

S&T Sec. de la Peña awards Ms. Resham his medal and certificate in the presence of DOST IX Dir. Wee and STII Dir. Burgos

Part of the ceremony, scholars shared testimonials.

Leading the pack, Mr. Resham Lal Sohal Jr., BS Physics, summa cum laude and WMSU Class Valedictorian digressed as he is humbled to be one of the nation's premier science and technology scholars. “It was fun learning physics, but way more fun knowing that I am getting paid to do such a thing,” he added noting that DOST-SEI provides its scholars monthly stipend, tuition benefits, book allowance and thesis grants. 

Also a WMSU Physics summa cum laude, Mr. Exan John Carpio expressed his appreciation of DOST influence to push for academic excellence. To him, DOST is family that hones its members to go beyond their limits and in long term allows them to become the catalysts of change.

Mr. Wenzel E. Perian, WMSU Biology summa cum laude, shared how the scholarship empowered him to realize his dream of academic freedom, not being financially bound which usually holds back underprivileged students in pursuit of greatness. “DOST will continue to make a difference in the lives of many more scholars to come … a part of their success stories,” he highlighted.

DOST Secretary de la Peña applauded the scholar-graduates for achieving excellence in their respective S&T degree programs and welcomed them as new breed of scientists, engineers and innovators of the country ready to serve back to the country.            

As Sec. de la Peña shared his 50-year journey, he hoped that he was able to influence the young minds to have a clear vision of what they value and that they will find their place where they can be at their best. “Accept challenges, additional responsibility,” he stressed as life is full of obstacles, one has to understand that there are goals that cannot be met.

“Although our fundamentals are based on sciences and technology, we must learn to manage people and organizations well, he added explaining that this batch will be the nation’s future leaders. Sec. de la Peña further underscored the importance of learning how to work with people and developing a great sense of EQ to get results are both major factors to achieve success. 

Mr. Martin A. Wee congratulated the scholar-graduates in his closing remarks. “DOST IX will continue to help you in your journey,” he stated. He praised their scholastic performance and related to them that it is just the beginning of a long passage, adding that in every step of their way, DOST will always extend a helping hand to all of it scholars.

Scholar-graduates showing their Academic Excellence in S&T medals and certificates

Also attending the fellowship dinner were Dir. Richard P. Burgos, Director of Science and Technology Information Institute (STII), DOST IX Officials Assistant Regional Director Rosemarie S. Salazar, Ms. Thelma E. Diego and Ms. Josephine Nohay.

The full list of Academic Excellence in Science and Technology Awardees is as follows: 

Summa Cum Laude

Resham Lal G. Sohal Jr., BS Physics, WMSU

Exan John D.F. Carpio, BS Physics, WMSU

Wenzel E. Perian, BS Biology, WMSU

Magna Cum Laude

Adam B. Mapa II, BS Physics, WMSU

Anne-Nora N. Sabirin, BS Biology, WMSU

Earl Humprey M. Bantug, BS Electrical Engineering, WMSU

Fatima Raiza B. Hussin, BS Chemistry, WMSU

Gibson Ace M. Baylon, BS Biology, WMSU

Jeric Cesar A. Enriquez, BS Electrical Engineering, WMSU

Mat Christopher P. Pasgala, BS Education Major on Mathematics, WMSU

Cum Laude

Franclein L. Francisco, BS Electrical Engineering, WMSU

Ceasar Eugene Vincent A. Jamanulla, BS Biology, WMSU

Matthew E. Luna, BS Physics, WMSU

Christle Jude L. Maquilan, BS Mathematics, WMSU

Elexi Kae V. Elumba, BS Chemistry, WMSU

Nur Inih U. Sahidjan, BS Biology, WMSU

Jose O. Rada Jr., BS Electrical Engineering, WMSU

Jose Eleazar D. Rellente, BS Geodetic Engineering, WMSU

Fatimah Hasana J. Pingay, BS Computer Engineering, WMSU

Elvan Carl. S. Cuento, BS Chemistry, WMSU

Alyana Claire C. Barretto, BS Information Technology, ADZU

DOST offers undergraduate scholarships to talented Filipino youths to pursue lifetime productive careers in science and technology. Information on the available scholarship can be found through

For more information regarding DOST-IX and its activities, contact DOST-IX at (062) 991-2050 or 955-3654 or visit our website To be updated on the latest happenings, follow our Facebook page at (DOST-IX Press Release/Jeane Anne Dagoy). 

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