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The DOST IX through the Packaging Research and Development Center (PRDC) of DOST-ITDI  provides packaging and labeling services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Packaging is the leading edge ingredient in economic development and sustainability. Trade can not progress without packaging. It allows for the orderly and economic distribution of all products. With the growing population worldwide, it is a necessity to have more packages in order to preserve more and to get more products to new consumers. Changing trends in the market for final products also impose corresponding changes in the composition and characteristics of packaging. For developing countries like the Philippines, it is imperative to keep abreast on the increasing sophistication in packaging to sustain its position both in the domestic and export markets.  Labeling, particularly in food products is very important and useful source of information, primarily to inform and protect consumers on nutrition facts.

As part of the program, packaging and labeling assistance were made available to firms who wish to improve the marketability, quality, and aesthetic value of their products. As a result, in 2009, eight (8) products produced by local enterprises in the region were provided with new and improved packaging design as well as the appropriate product labels.

How does one avail of packaging and labeling assistance?

Customers may submit request (in writing) addressed to the Regional Director, thru the nearest Provincial S&T Centers (PSTCs).  The Provincial Science and Technology Officer conduct an initial evaluation of the packaging and labeling assistance. Requests that merit assistance will be endorsed to the Regional Office.


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