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The Katilingban para sa Kalambuan Org. Inc., a non-stock, non-profit organization directed at helping poor and marginalized communities, recently partnered up with The Department of Science and Technology IX (DOST IX) to raise their game against the deadly Dengue virus.

For each week in October, DOST IX visited a different Katilingban community to distribute the Ovicidal Larvicidal Trap or OL Trap: a three-piece kit containing a black cup, a lawanit paddle, and pellets, designed and developed by the DOST-Industrial Technology and Development Institute (DOST-ITDI) to fight dengue by attacking the dengue vector's ability to propagate.



A total of around 500 households across 4 Katilingban communities - namely the homeowners associations of "Katilingban", "Kalinaw", "Kalambuan" and "Kinaiyahan" - were oriented and trained in the use of the trap; each of the households received 2 kits, and a year's supply of lawanit paddles and pellets.

Aside from the OL Traps, DOST IX introduced the communities to a different form of anti-dengue technology - one that they could make themselves.


Using only a plastic bottle, some tape, sugar, yeast, and hot water, the Katilingban communities learned to create a alternative mosquito trapping tool - one that when used in tandem with the OL Trap, ups the ante against dengue even more.


The residents were reminded, however, that these technologies are but tools meant to aid in the fight against the virus. Ultimately, the best and proven way to win the war is by maintaining a clean environment, thus making sure that no place becomes a potential breeding ground for the mosquitoes.

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